Random Notes

Charts Updated (They usually get updated twice per month) Thursday January 14 19:00pm CST

The pre-recorded loud show on Ripper Radio airs 6-8 pm CST Sunday. http://www.ripperradio.com/

January 2021 Indie Vision Music Reviews on B.U.C.K. 2nd, Jaded Thorns 4th, Miss Angie 6th, With Open Eyes 9th, Mortification 11th, Massivivid 13th, The Beautiful Mistake 16th, Chaotic Resemblance 18th, Veni Domine 20th, Eternal Decision 23rd, Underoath 25th

My YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC50wQukC1fIYcfRT0AAqDFA

Bought an archaeological themed Bible-been wanting one for years

I have started studying again for Loma’s FLMI insurance designation. I have 3/10 courses left. Please be praying

Reanimated Radio randomly airs circa 7-9pm CST & still having issues 🙁 https://www.reanimatedradio.com/show/casting-thin-shadow/

Renewed the domain as of November 30, 2020

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