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Disclaimer: All artists in airplay on this station have found their music in “Christian” radio rotation at some point.  Many artists have turned away from the “Christian’ music industry” to become “mainstream”. They are split up into a few different categories. If you are an artist & want your music played in rotation, contact via email at

To see the latest songs added, visit the castingsuchathinshadow Facebook Page.

  • Streaming: If the site isn’t playing any music, feel free to text me at 309-532-5640 . Sometimes I am working on it or Sam Broadcaster had a tech issue.
  • If you want to see the most recently played list, or listen elsewhere, go here & search Casting such a thin shadow:
  • The pre-recorded loud show on Ripper Radio airs 5-6 pm CST Sunday. Show 106 is done.
  • Indie Vision Music Song of the Day’s have been updated. Here is the link to read all 469 thus far!
  • As of April 2024, the Facebook page is currently up to 967 likes & 1K followers while this site has had 7,902 hits since I sunrose it in 2019.

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