The Jeffersons2Minute MinorBack In Our Day
Rewrite TomorrowA Secret EndingDeliverance [EP]
Subsequent AbuseAbated Mass Of FleshThe Dead Will Never Forgive Us
Panta RheiAdorned GravesBeing Towards A River
Take on MeAFFIANCETake on Me
RebirthAge Of The AbstractRebirth
Immaculate CleansingAntiviper?????????? ???????????????? ????
The Paradox of Existence (feat. Björn Strid)ApostisyThe Paradox of Existence
In Too DeepArsonIn Too Deep
Moon Of The DeadAscending KingFuneral of Species (Remastered & Expanded)(Black/Unblack)
Standing In The StormAugust Burns RedStanding In The Storm – Single
Prisoners Of The AbyssBrotalityWorldwide Desolation
PassoverCollapse//ReviveCollapse//Revive – EP
Far Beyond DeathCrowned in SorrowIn Memoriam
Torment of Anti-Christian SoulsDawnbreakerVanquished Horrible Night
Do Not Choose HellDemonic Extinctionsatanicide
GoldEarth GroansPrettiest of Things
The Prism GlassFallstarSunbreather
Conquest (Feat. Symphony Of Heaven)Fire From HeavenThe Evil Wolf Chronicles
Watch the World BurnFlawed by DesignWatch the World Burn
At War For ScienceFrank’s EnemyAbnormalized
TomorrowFrom DustTomorrow
Destroy The Baphometic AgendaFrozen BurialDemo 2020
Thou Art DoomedGoatscorgeHymns of Annihilation
Burn Satan BurnLamentBurn Satan Burn
The LegacyLegacy of KainSingle
Crown The Radiant DeadLike DustCrown The Radiant Dead
The Unequivocal FateNumbered With The TransgressorsTombless
Equilibrium of the SoulOmega EternalEquilibrium of the Soul
We The PeoplePantokratorMarching Out Of Babylon
In The Absence Of LightResurrected DivinityDemo 2020
Year of RuinSettle The SkyYear of Ruin
Pray For MeSince the DeathThe Black Must Come Out (Black/Unblack Metal)
Music of a Grateful HeartThe ChariotLong Live (10 Year Anniversary)
Planet of Undead RobotsThey Act HumanThe Days of Tribulation
BrimstoneThree Days In HellA Bloody Retelling
Apocalypse PrepareThresherTotally Possessed
First BloodThy WitnessFirst Blood
RebirthWhat We Do in SecretRepose
Ancient of DaysZhakiahWhere the Light Will Thread