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Latest Happenings-Updated JULY 2024

  • Adding to my Youtube Channel on a circa every other month basis
  • Took a few weeks off from workKnocked off several of the states I was missing on my list. Currently have 12 left. Saw Stephen King’s house & the big apple & the statue of liberty & the twin towers memorial & the empire state building.
  • Found a new friend named Eli who knows probably a good 75% pf my musical tastes
  • Got a new tattoo that says Let Go & Let God!!!
  • Haven’t written any song of the day’s for IVM for a while so just did a few. Am up to 476 currently
  • Have been going through the TV show Bones-it’s really good
  • Work has been getting better slowly, but surely
  • Working through the book of Acts-need to read the Bible more
  • The laptop has bit the dust (Can’t empty the recycle bin & this has caused the computer to lose tons of space)
  • Updated the station within the past week to include all the normal music. Will update the time slots later.
  • Produced another couple of shows for Ripper Radio
  • Mindy’s asthma has been doing a whole lot better now that I was able to get the doctors to understand the severity & they have her on different meds; Think she also might be borderline diabetic
  • Bought a boat & trailer, but it needs a lot of work
  • My friend for many years has decided to stay with me for a while
  • Most recent bands I have seen are Evergreen Terrace, Needtobreathe & Judah and the Lion. Missed the Zauntee show as was so expensive. Also saw an acquaintance of mine’s new band where they are keeping their identities hidden. Kinda remind me of Slipknot but more screams. Not a Christian band at all.
  • The minions still haven’t take over the world. They’re not doing a very good job. They keep making people like me smile & laugh

Music/Playlist Info

Disclaimer: All artists in airplay on this station have found their music in “Christian” radio rotation at some point.  Many artists have turned away from the “Christian’ music industry” to become “mainstream”. They are split up into a few different categories. If you are an artist & want your music played in rotation, contact via email at

To see the latest songs added, visit the castingsuchathinshadow Facebook Page.

  • Streaming: If the site isn’t playing any music, feel free to text me at 309-532-5640 . Sometimes I am working on it or Sam Broadcaster had a tech issue.
  • If you want to see the most recently played list, or listen elsewhere, go here & search Casting such a thin shadow:
  • The pre-recorded loud show on Ripper Radio airs 5-6 pm CST Sunday. Show 106 is done.
  • Indie Vision Music Song of the Day’s have been updated. Here is the link to read all 469 thus far!
  • As of April 2024, the Facebook page is currently up to 967 likes & 1K followers while this site has had 7,902 hits since I sunrose it in 2019.

My YouTube Channel


I, Timo, have spent many years involved in some way with the Christian music industry and has seen well over 400+ shows. Will be attending Needtobreathe & Judah & the Lion in May 2024. Saw Owl city in March.

Have an awesome son, Tyler, who is now 16 & likes video games & fixing his car.

Began my adult career as a regular Army soldier & currently work at State Farm Insurance in Complex Claims. I graduated with a B.A. in Mass Communications in Broadcast Journalism from Winthrop University & hold the CPCU, FLMI, AINS, ALMI, AIC, AIS & ACS insurance designations along with the EOM Level 1 Certification.

Run an automated online radio station & website “Casting Such a Thin Shadow” which has given me the opportunity for several live telephone interviews over the years. I DJ & produce an online radio show currently for Ripper Radio which airs primarily in the USA, but also in Japan & Great Britain. As far as the music on this site goes, the genres reach from the 60s or even earlier to literally tomorrow! The station runs 24/7 as of September 2020.

Toastmasters, I have completed my CL, CC & ALB public speaking designations while holding the VP of Education & Treasurer offices.

Write music reviews (Song of the Day) for Indie Vision Music.

Aspired to be a news reporter & have considered producing or directing newscasts. Here at State Farm, I have considered the following areas: Creative Services to work on video production, commercial underwriting, talent acquisition or leadership.

Prepped for the voice for Quinn Ravensword for a television series The Last Dragonslayer which is being helmed by Kandy Kane from the shock rock band Rackets & Drapes, but is currently in hiatus.

As a wannabe musician, I play bass guitar & drums & dabble in electric/acoustic guitar & have amps, mics, 2 basses, acoustic electric & an electric guitar, electronic drums, 2 amps, 1 separate head, mixer, violin. I have never found any like minded individuals nearby that were ever interested in music. Yeah it has been a lonely struggle. Most of my fave musicians have rarely been heard of by most & those that have have left the Christian realm. IE Underoath

Several pets- Including 2 Siberian Huskies, 10 spiders, 1 bearded dragon, 1 pit/boxer mix, 2 ball pythons