Random Notes

Charts Updated (They usually get updated twice per month) Thursday April 29th, 2021

Just earned the FLMI designation! Started working on an I-Car certification

The pre-recorded loud show on Ripper Radio airs 6-8 pm CST Sunday. http://www.ripperradio.com/

May 2021 Indie Vision Music Reviews on Balance Of Power, East West, American Made, Chris Rice, Breakfast W/ Amy, The Calicoes, Plain Jane, Believable Picnic, A Hill To Die Upon, Petra, Headnoise, Prepare The Way, Hokus Pic, Hoi Polloi

My YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC50wQukC1fIYcfRT0AAqDFA

Site/Social Media Insights

The Facebook Page is currently up to 793 likes & has 834 followers.

The Website has had 4,178 hits since I sunrose it in 2019.