Random Notes

  • Streaming: If the site isn’t playing any music, feel free to text me at 309-532-5640 . Sometimes I am working on it or Sam Broadcaster had a tech issue.
  • Adds have been updated on the Facebook page
  • If you want to see the most recently played list, or listen elsewhere, go here & search Casting such a thin shadow: http://audiorealm.com/
  • The pre-recorded loud show on Ripper Radio airs 5-6 pm CST Sunday. Show 106 is done. http://www.ripperradio.com/
  • Indie Vision Music Song of the Day’s have been updated. Here is the link to read all 442 thus far! https://www.indievisionmusic.com/author/timocivm/
  • As of December 2023, the Facebook page is currently up to 943 likes & 1K followers while this site has had 7,467 hits since I sunrose it in 2019.

Author: Timo

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