Latest Happenings-Updated April 2024

  • Adding to my Youtube Channel on a circa every other month basis
  • Have been attending Wednesday night church @ Alexander Baptist.
  • Wrote several more song of the day’s for IVM
  • Work has been getting better slowly, but surely (current manager retiring & former co-worker/trainer is taking over soon)
  • Working through the book of Acts-need to read the Bible more
  • The laptop has bit the dust (Can’t empty the recycle bin & this has caused the computer to lose tons of space)
  • Currently running just the new songs & tyhe artists that have released new music over the past couple of years only.
  • Produced another couple metal shows
  • Mindy’s asthma has been doing a whole lot better now that I was able to get the doctors to understand the severity & they have her on different meds
  • Sold my Volvo SUV & bought a Honda SUV
  • The minions still haven’t take over the world. They’re not doing a very good job. They keep making people like me smile & laugh

Author: Timo

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