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Charts Updated (They usually get updated twice per month) 24 June, 2022

I am currently dating Mindy who is an awesome beautiful person!

Started working on an I-Car certification. Thinking of prepping to be a supervisor in underwriting or an analyst at State Farm. Currently am a claims adjuster in my 3rd role at the company. Also contemplating on making a move to proximity adjuster in Texas. Working a lot of OT lately

The pre-recorded loud show on Ripper Radio airs 5-6 pm CST Sunday.

Am planning on hosting (when I get the chance to) a 90s music mixtape 3 hour show on

Ripper Radio July 2022 reviews are done

My YouTube Channel

My voice actor role has been put on hold as the project is on hold for changes

We have several pets including 7 species of tarantulas: Brazilian black, Brazilian Pink Toe, Mexican red knee, Greenbottle blue, Goliath pinkfoot, jumping spiders, & a Brazilian Pink Salmon. 2 snake species: Corn & Solomon Island ground boa. Also have a Siberian Husky & a bearded dragon & a hamster & 2 hermit crabs & a chameleon. Pics are in the pets section.

Site/Social Media Insights

As of 9 June, 2022

The Facebook Page is currently up to 839 likes & has 905 followers.

The Website has had 5,601 hits since I sunrose it in 2019.

I have written 258 posts for Indie Vision Music


I, Timo, have spent many years involved in some way with the Christian music industry and has seen well over 400+ I began my career as a regular Army soldier & currently work at State Farm Insurance as a Complex Claims Specialist. I graduated with a B.A. in Mass Communications in Broadcast Journalism from Winthrop University & hold the CPCU, FLMI, AINS, ALMI, AIC, AIS & ACS insurance designations along with the EOM Level 1 Certification. Currently working on a certification as an estimator prolevel through I-Car. I also have many implemented or changed procedures through innovation. In my spare time. I run an automated online radio station & website “Casting Such a Thin Shadow” which has given me the opportunity for several live telephone interviews over the years. I DJ & produce an online radio show currently for Ripper Radio which airs primarily in the USA, but also in Japan & Great Britain. I am also starting to host an AC 90s show on The Christian Mix. I also write music reviews for Indie Vision Music when I have time. As a musician, I play bass guitar & drums & dabble in electric/acoustic guitar. In Toastmasters, I have completed my CL, CC & ALB public speaking designations while holding the VP of Education & Treasurer offices. I aspired to be a news reporter & have considered producing or directing newscasts. Here at State Farm, I have considered the following areas: Creative Services to work on video production, commercial underwriting, talent acquisition or leadership. I also prepped for the voice for Quinn Ravensword for a television series The Last Dragonslayer which is being helmed by Kandy Kane from the shock rock band Rackets & Drapes, but is currently in hiatus. I am also a music enthusiast & have seen circa 200+ musicians. I have an awesome son, Tyler, a Siberian husky, Katya & a several other pets who keep me on my toes!

As far as the music on this site goes, the genres reach from the 60s to literally today. The station runs 24/7 as of September 2020. During college, I hosted the Castingsuchathinshadow show & interviewed many. Currently produce a show on Ripper Radio

Tunes I Have Been Looking For

Disclaimer: These songs are very rare & may have been only released through digital or at shows or cassette tapes before the internet came about. Under this list are links to where I found the actual release.

A Few Loose ScrewsSunshine Nomad, ConfidenceEd. & Sam.Dwarf records; became Afewloosescrews
Avenue GAbandonThe Independents CompRPM
Back From NowhereHe Lives OnUnknownMaybe an older version of Polarboy?
Complex ZeroAmazing Sunrise,RunawayUnknownUnknown-Maybe changed names before Everyone Has An Hourglass
Eso  The Gamemp3.comUnknown
Everready For What It’s WorthUnknownFrom Cedar Valley, Iowa
Tomorrow’s 39AliveUnknownChanged name to Hyland
HuddleClear, Make Me SickLushUnknown
The InklingsIf You AskSam. CompDwarf
Killing CainDis7or73d, Sleep3r, Corpse & The RoseUnknownUnknown
Through The Veil¬†¬†I’m In LoveUnknownDCM
Limit  AlignExposure EpUnknown
More Than ElectricRight Solutionmp3.comUnknown
One Fall ShortEscapeDemoUnknown
P.U.R.E.Shut Em DownUnknownUnknown
PropheticaDenimMore Alive Than EverUnknown
EchofrequencyYouRock Sampler Winter 2004Central South Distribution, Inc.
Rock Solid   Searchin, I CriedUnknownUnknown
Servanthood  Shadow Among Shadows  Dox VeiUnknown
Severn Insidemp3.comUnknown
Shocknine Savemp3.comUnknown
Silverline Can You Hear Me Now, Breath AwayFlowers on my graveUnknown
StilldayFalling BackThursday the thirteenthUnknown
Terminal Generation   Body Bag   DieBlack & White Records