Indie Vision Music Review

When I have the chance, I write music reviews for Indie Vision’s website. Here is a compilation of what I have done so far…. You can read them on the site here:

BandSong or Album
3 Days UnderGod’s Gonna Cut You Down
3rd RootZion
7/10 SplitLetter To The Dead
A Hill To Die UponCloven Hoof Hava Nagila
Aaron SprinkleInvincible
AcceptanceFire & Rain
Addison RoadWhat Do I Know Of Holy
AfewloosescrewsCan’t Stop Lov’n You
Agressive ChangeBroken
AkeldamaNightmares Are Real
AleixaRain in the Air
Altar Boys1000 Miles
American MadeHow We Roll
Ancient Of DaysIf Confusion Were A Virtue
Animal CouchShoes
ApologetixCelebrity Kin
Argyle ParkGutterboy vs Resurrection of the Ravens
As We AreParalyzed
AsFireFallsBranson the Bear
At the WaysideCloser Than Close
AtonementFace in the Mirror
August Burns RedChop Suey
Avery PkwyEverything
AwakeCarry Me
AzusaInterstellar Islands
Balance Of PowerShelter Me
BallydowseBlood In Our Guts
BeekinTraditional Thorn
Believable PicnicSpaceman
BelieverDies Irae
Between ThievesThe Spring
Big MethuselahMy Self
Black Eyed ScevaEcumenical
BloodgoodI Wanna Live In Your Heart
Bloodlined CalligraphyAmerica’s Next Top Model
Breakfast With AmyThis Train
Broken YokeEnds With You
Calibretto 13Christian Hate Mail
CarmanOur Turn Now
Chaotic ResemblanceSound of the Saints
Children of the Consuming FireSpeed Metal Mariachis
Choo Choo PyeColor Of Men
Chris RiceFace of Christ
Circle Of DustPrayers Of A Dead Man
Clash OF SymbolsPortrait Of A King
Cloud MerchantsShout Out Loud
Cloud2Ground vs Shiny Toy GunsFace2Face vs Somewhere to Hide
Common ChildrenSkywire
ConvictionsEros vs The Price of Grace
CrashdogBloody Lane
Crimson MoonlightThe Suffering
Crimson ThornBeaten Beyond
Cry MercyTime To Go
Dakoda Motor CoAlive
Daniel BandParadise
David MeeceWhen I was Seventeen
Day of FireThrough The Fire
Dead Awake DreamingWhat Happens Behind Closed Doors
DigHayZooseDancing in Concert w/ the Infinite
Dime Store ProphetsHitler’s Girlfriend
DirtFeel The Break vs Blunted Edge
Don’t Wake Aislin vs VeridiaClear Skies Are Hard to Find vs Furious Love
Doomsday Hymn Mene Tequel Ufarsim
Dorean LivesA Cold Fire From the One I Love
Drew YountUnexpired
E.SoTo Confront
East West Song X
EisleyTelescope Eyes
Emma MullingsSkinny Road
Eternal DecisionOverflow
Everyday LifeOne’s Own Self
Everything In Slow MotionThe Fool vs Most Days
Falling UpMoonlit
Fever FeverAftermath
Few Left StandingWishing You
Fight The FadeCool Kids
FighterAlone With You
FireflightWhat I’ve Become
Fit For A KingSkin & Bones
Five Iron FrenzyEvery New Day
Flight 180When We First Dated
FluffyGuitars Guns & Girls
FM StaticDefintely Maybe
Fold ZanduraKing Planet vs WenCarla
For TodayDevastator
Forfeit Thee UntrueCradled in Black Arms
Forthcoming Temple of God
Freeto Boat10th & Woodsborough
Galactic CowboysThe Struggle
Gathering of SoulsRust
Gears of RedemptionMy Life
GFMGraveyard of Identities
Ghoti HookOoklah The Punk
GideonLeif Erickson
Gone HazelDaybreak
Goodnight FearEnemy
Graceful ClosureChasing Fears
Grand PrizeIt’s Not Over
GrypAgainst the Crowd
HangnailAll That You Wanted
Hanover SaintsCuts & Scrapes
Harp & LyreGrizzly Adams Did HaveA Beard
HarvestLet’s Fight
Harvest BloomNarcissist
HeadnoiseTurn It Up
Hoi PolloiCome To Me
Holy SoldierWhen the Reign Comes Down
Hope Kills FearSurrender
Icon For HireCynics & Critics vs Get Well
Idle CureHoly Mountain
IgnescentCalling Out to You vs Remnants
IslanderBad Guy
Jack of all TradesPostpone
Jaded Thorns138
Jesus Freaks vs Sub-TrainHate vs Epidermis
Jesus MusicThe Box
Jonah33Silence Never Speaks
Joy ElectricQuite Quieter Than Spiders
Justifide vs Reform The ResistanceThe Way vs Kill Lies
Kenny MarksNext Time You See Johnny
KidsGolden Road
Kim BoyceFacts of Love
KirosBroken State
KrigTribute II
KroniclesI Need You
KrushOld Man
Krystal MeyersMake Some Noise 
LambYou Are My Salvation
Last Day RisingLeave It All Behind
Last Tuesday vs The AlarmThe Stand
Leaderdogs for the BlindRestless
Light The WayI Like Old AFI Better
Love ComaAstronaut
Luke ChableMelburn (Shiloh Remix)
Lust ControlMad at the Girls
Luther-NThe Table
Luti-KrissPatiently Philadelphia
Makeshift3Hiyada Martian 3
Manic DriveAimlessly
ManufraqtureI’ll Bleed You
Matt KearneyBillion
Matt PapaOne Thing
Mattie MontgomeryRestless
MicroskapicResistance Is Futile
Miss AngieLift My Eyes
Moral SupportJust Where It’s At Tonight
MortificationStanding at the Door of Death
MumsdollarThe Wedding Song
Must Build JacuzziHey You Skank
My EpicGhost Story
MychildrenMybrideGod of Nothing
Nailed PromiseStand Tall
Natasha From MarsWater
Nine LashesAnthem of the Lonely
Nodes of RanvierDon’t Blink
Number One GunForest
October Bird of DeathGoons
Officer NegativeJCHC
Old Man ShatteredCrash & Burn
One Bad AppleRent
Our EternityBloodstained
Over the RhineHappy With Myself
Parental PetulanceDinos in the Dishwasher
Pax 217What Is Love
PetraMine Field
PillarSimply vs Fireproof
Plain JaneWhat Can Separate Us
PlankeyeI Can’t Complain
Playdough1 Day
Point of RecognitionI Don’t Deserve You
Prepare The WayYou’re Not Alone
PropagandaHealthy Don’t Need Doctors
PropheticaOne Thousand Times
PSoulPatchBring the Noise
Rackets & DrapesTurn UpThe Downside
Randy StonehillGreat Big Stupid World
Rasberry JamEverything We Need
Reclaim the DaySentenced to Life
RedOrdinary World
Reflescent TideS/T
Rhonda GunnBinding Chains
Rich MullinsWhile The Nations Rage
Ron CollinsAll I Know vs Run This Race
Ronnie Winter-DefoeSaul to Paul
Rottweiler RecordsFleas Naughty Dog Vol 8
Ruby JoeFat Cat
Rusty ShippMan Myth Legend
Sanctified SisterPharmakeia
Saved by SkarletBlack Knight
Secret & WhisperXoXoXo
ShadeAlmost Good
ShinebrightOnly You
Shmunks For YouYou Don’t Need a Death Certificate To Die
Sick Of ChangeA Rose Among Thorns
Sides Of The NorthBlack & Blue
Sidewalk SlamI’ll be Waiting
SilverstarLove Sonnet
Simple MysteryOn My Own
Six Feet DeepNarrow
Sleeping GiantPreachcore Lives vs Tithemi
Slick ShoesFulfilling
Sly’s Alter EgoWhoa
Sometime SundayBlue
SoulsticeEmpty Mind
SpeckDo You Think I’m Cool
SpokenThis Path vs Through It All
Steve CampHe Covers Me
SupertonesLittle Man
Symphony of HeavenDeathmarch
Tantrum Of The MuseChicks W/ Guns
Temple of the TimesRequiem for the Lost Children
Texas in JulyBed of Nails
The Agony SceneWe Bury Our Dead At Dawn
The American Culture ExperimentsTalk
The Beautiful MistakeOn Building
The CalicoesPsychos In Love
The CallAll About You
The ClergyWon’t You Agree
The Combat JunkiesThe Revolution
The CulpritsAmerikkkan Riot
The Devil Wears PradaChemical
The DwellingThe Gospel
The Echoing GreenSuffer
The Festal ShoutPounding Waves
The Great CommissionDon’t Go to Church Be the Church Vs Came to my Rescue
The Letter BlackBelieve
The NormalsSong & Dance
The PrettybadsMy Molecules
The Violet BurningRock Is Dead
The Walter EugenesNever Changing Heart
The W’sFrank
Then It EndsIt Is Well
TheocracyHide in the Fairytale
These 5 DownHymn
This City AwaitsHold Still
Tiller PaulLeave Me Here
Tony VincentMust Be The Season
Torn SkinGravity Is Calling
TourniquetPathogenic Ocular Dissonance
Tragedy AnnEugene
Tree 163101
TroubleThe Tempter
Trouble w/ FergusonKindergarden
Trust DividedRight Through You
TurnaroundDon’t Believe It
UndercoverWorld Come Crashing Down
UnderoathCasting Such a Thin Shadow
Vagabond12Crystal Clear
Vengeance RisingBishop Of Souls
Veni DomineEli Lema Sabachthani
Virginia CreeperDeny Yourself
Wage WarGrave
War of AgesCollapse
WeatheredQuick Tempered
Wedding in PartyWar Memorial
What They Died ForMy First Song Out
When Hearts FailIt’ll Be Alright Guy
White Collar SideshowLike Spiders Weave
White HeartLet It Go
Whitman’s MoldKingdom
WilletYou Are Not Just Holy
With Open EyesWinds of Change
With Shaking HandsVoice of Change
Witness Protection ProgramPiledriver
Wolves at the GateAsleep
XdisciplexadHeld Accountable
xDoulosxShots Fired
X-Sinner Living On The Edge
ZerbinNew Earth

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