Latest IVM Reviews October 2021

Nine Lashes is a modern rock band from Alabama that always seemed to be a band (at least in their first few releases) that should have been huge in the mainstream. Check out this catchy song, but also the ballad Surrender. And yes, they are still going having released a single in 2021.

One Bad Apple was a short lived death/groove metal/crossover thrash band that released a few indies & full length in the 90s before disbanding, but reuniting & releasing another full length in 2018. I’ve always liked this SOTD & hope you do also.

The W’s were a short lived swing revival/ska band whose 2 full lengths garnered a lot of airplay on Christian rock stations back in the day. They are well known for their first hit The Devil is Bad but also check out the superb Moses. I did not know, but 2 members of the band formed a band BenDixon that I have been starting to follow lately. Today’s SOTD though is in homage to one of my fave songs to play on bass guitar.

Dorean Lives has an a interesting background in that the band was created as a way of dealing with loss. Hailing from Alabama, the band created a several music videos out of their one & only release that I know of. & this awesome catchy SOTD is one of them

Ronnie Winter-Defoe is the vocalist for The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus which became well known on mainstream radio for their song Face Down. A few years ago, their music found its way onto “Christian” radio shows. This beautiful SOTD was re-recorded for TRJA, but I have always liked this version better & love its lyrical content..

Afewloosescrews was an obscure punk rawk band from the mid 90’s era. I have been looking for some very rare songs of theirs from a couple Dwarf Records compilations-Sunshine Nomad & Confidence for years. I have always liked their LP & this cover from Rez Band & hope you do also.

Dead Awake Dreaming was a metalcore band that hailed from California. Their Facebook has not been updated since 2016, but their mission was to love the unloved & I feel we all understand that. Jesus does hear our cries & will be there for us no matter what even when we don’t understand ourselves.

Eisley, from Tyler TX, is an awesome band that I wish to have seen live. To me, they kinda reminded me of Chasing Furies, but with a lot longer discography. This song has always struck a chord with me for its lyrical content.

Luti-Kriss is the first incarnation of Norma Jean, a metalcore band that I think I have seen more than any other artist live. This band is what first got me into Christian heavy music for their open profession of Jesus. The vocalist (Josh Scoggins) at the time eventually went on to start The Chariot, which was another great band to see live, & ’68. They were on tour with Living Sacrifice & Dead Poetic if my memory serves me correctly at the time & Josh was hanging from the rafters from the venue. He ends the song & then talked to the audience about Jesus & it just amazed me, even to this day. This SOTD has always been my fave from their early days. Hope y’all like it as well!

Ruby Joe was an awesome rocka/pscychobill band from California. They changed things up on their 2nd album which dabbled in swing. The original band that 2 members were in was named Strugglefish which is in reference I’m pretty sure to one of my all time faves 1st LP DigHayZoose which was actually my first review for one of their songs. Anyways, this SOTD is catchy & related to one of my friends’ cat lol! Anyways, hope you have fun listening to this one.

Hangnail is a pop punk band hailing from Wisconsin. I did have a chance to see them at Carowinds which is a theme park in the Carolinas along with several other artists such as KJ-52 & Beanbag. Forming in the early 90s, it appears they rebanded in 2020 & working on new material. This SOTD has always been my favorite due to its lyrical content & catchy sound. I have indeed felt the way that this song talks about. It does not make sense to us broken humans how God will forgive us they way He does & will. They also have done a great cover of Keith Green’s Run to the End of the Highway.

Luther-N was an industrial side project from a band I saw with Disciple many years ago called Junker Jorg. This song got stuck in my head when it came out & is a mix of rapcore & industrial which works in this song IMHO. Hope you like it as well. Their only release to my knowledge was on Youngside records which is the label that released music by my fave goth band The Awakening.

This City Awaits is comprised of Phillip Ivey & Darah Hubbard. They are a rock band with metal influences & have released a few albums. The band even did a livestream back In February. I love their song White Ambulance, but chose Hold Still as the song lyrics relate to what I am currently going through- “Will I pass this test with dignity?” I also added the livestream.