Loud Chart

Stench Of ManAscending KingFuneral Of A Species
IcarusAugust Burns RedGuardians Sessions EP
Holy TriumphBaptiismIt Is Finished
Hell Of ItBeartoothHell Of It
Internal UnrestBrain MatterInternal Unrest
Nothing LostChurch TongueThe Hubris of Gods Departed
The Gates of Hell are Locked From the Inside (feat. Daniel Gates of All Have Sinned)CultistAn Observation Of Grief
TensionDeath TherapyTension [Single]
The Hands That MarDesolate TombThe Hands That Mar
A Bitter ToungeElgibborCorruptus Vindicta (Black/Unblack Metal)
StockholmFit for a KingThe Path
The Last PresidentFrank’s EnemyAbnormalized
The Weight Of Ice And FogFrost Like AshesThe Weight Of Ice And Fog
False ProphetGODGOD IV – Revelation
Victoria OrtodoxaGolgotaVictoria Ortodoxa
The Last MarchHawthornDark Tales (Remastered & Expanded) (Black/Unblack metal)
SickHer EchoSick – Single
Fall On Your Knees (feat. Brook Reeves)HolyNameFall On Your Knees (feat. Brook Reeves)
Parade the CorpsesHope DeferredDemo
Beat It (Michael Jackson Cover)JesushedBeat It
I’ve Seen Them FallLight UnseenI’ve Seen Them Fall
Zombie GrinderMadrostMaleficent
Worth DyingmothaltarPrologue
Secular YouthResurrected DivinityDead World
Cold Black Piece of FleshSacrificiumCold Black Piece of Flesh (Coldest Blackest Edition) (Death Metal)
Hearts in DoubtSet for TomorrowHearts in Doubt – Single
At The ThroneShamashSuffering Servant
Maze of Endless NightSorrowstormEpoch of Exile (Black Metal/Unblack Metal)
Dead Winter FieldsSymphony Of HeavenDead Winter Fields
In The Will (Deliverance Cover)The ArbiterMy Messenger
TerminationThe Devil Wears PradaTermination
Gnashing of TeethThe Drowned GodPale Home
Take Me Down The RiverThe Undertaking!Take Me Down The River
ReasonThen It EndsReason – Single
No Comfort In MeWe Are VictoryAfterglow
Stop the BleedingWolves At The GateStop the Bleeding – Single
The Palace of UnrestWorld BreakerThe Palace of Unrest
TransitionsZaoThe Crimson Corridor