July-August 2021

AsFireFalls formed as a electronicore band with a softer edge. Hailing from Idaho, the 3 piece (which apparently started out as 4 members) has released an EP & numerous singles that have aired on Christian rock radio stations/shows. Branson is so darn catchy that it was just itching to be a SOTD. Also included is a live video & their website.

Eight28 is the band that formed after the modern rock Human disbanded. From what I understand, their original singer Randy sang vocals on many of the songs that would become the full length Systems Down released on Cul De Sac Records in 2001, but left the band shortly thereafter. Another singer whom I have spoken to a few times on social media, Marshall Mcluhan, ended up singing for a short time & the N.A.G song is on his 2017 album. It also seemed appropriate to run this SOTD on August 28 (catch my drift lol)!

Officer Negative is hxc punk at its finest imho. The Californian band even recently re-released some stuff last year from my recollection& I was able to buy a JCHC t-shirt! I am still stoked lol!. Anyways JCHC stands for Jesus Christ Hardcore & is an in your face about such. After the band disbanded, they formed a couple of other bands including hxc Hit the Deck metalcore The Death Campaign Project & cowpunk Zippy Josh. Below are its lyrics as well as a live video:

Altar Boys are a long running (formed in 1982) (punk) band whose very existence is a huge force in how our Christian punk subgenre has come to be. Mike Stand & company have done a wide variety of genres including modern rock (see my Clash of Symbols review) & rockabilly. There is a plethora of AB’s songs that I could have done for this SOTD, but 1000 Miles is about how Jesus loves us & is patiently waiting for us to turn to Him no matter how far we feel or seem to have gotten from Him.

Big Methuselah is the Texan Christian rock band from North Carolinian Ted Pearce who has done a few different genres including world & trance goind under such monikers as Phatdawg & also hung out with Joel Chernoff of the epic Messianic Jewish group Lamb. Nuff said lol! Anyways, this song is about the fight we have with ourselves & our sin nature. The video is hilarious imo but it is grainy & feels like it was amateurly made. This song actually made it into the Guinness Book of World Records on a compilation cd that was the longest of all time. It also appears that a couple of the band members played in Dan Phillips church who himself was a member of  CCM group Philips, Craig & dean (who does an awesome song called I Want To Be Just Like You).

Kenny Marks is an epic singer/songwriter IMHO & I have owned several of his heartfelt discography over the years. He first came to my recognition with his song The Party’s Over back when my generation had cassette tapes. Then he came out with the phenomenal LP Another Friday Night. Every single last song on it was mind blowing & I was hooked. Today’s SOTD is actually the 3rd part of a 4 part song series on a relationship that started with Growing Up Too Fast & ends with Fire of Forgiveness which is what his story is all about. Kenny was a friend on my social media accounts for many years & tragically passed in 2018.

Goodnight Fear is an indie alt-rock pop band from Ohio. For the longest time I thought the band’s name was Ex-Nihilio which was actually the name of their debut EP. This is one catchy song that makes you want to sing-a-long & generally puts me in a good mood. Although this song released in 2016, they came out with a new one this past May called You Got Me ( I Got You).  Hopefully you dig it!

When Hearts Fail was a metalcore band that was signed by Red Cord Records which seemed to be the “Christian” subsidiary of Victory Records. I have always liked this song & it means a lot to me when I am going through things with the reminder that it will be alright because I know my Saviour Jesus is bigger than my problems. The band seems to have disbanded with members joining another band called Arcomplex. Riyl: any clean metalcore band.

With Shaking Hands is a Texan electronicore band sounding akin to Aviadora, Aliens Ate My Setlist or mainstream bands Attack Attack or Sky Eats Airplane. The genre incorporates electronics to make metalcore songs sounds poppy lol! This SOTD was released as a signal but be sure to also check out their songs Sons & Daughters and Arma Lucis. Be prepared to dance while headbanging!

Awake is the 2nd reincarnation of the heavy metal band Eternal Decision with an alternative rock band Veehr being the third. I looked for this & another called More Like You for years when I ended up having a conversation with one of the band members. The awesome dude sent me the mp3s of the whole album & I was stoked! A Few years later it appears YouTube has finally gained a couple fan made videos of the song listed here today. Anyways check out this one & More Like You which was a really hard choice to come to between the 2. Also check my SOTD for Eternal Decision also which I wrote circa 6 months ago or so.

Circle of Dust, aka Brainchild, aka Scott Albert, aka Klayton, aka Celldweller, aka a plethora of other names has been around since the early 90s. I have been following Scott’s music career since then & receive emails from him at least bi-weekly. The guy is a mastermind, but a jack of all trades, master of none (if you catch my reference!). Currently he works a lot with FixT records which basically does a lot of “industrial” artists & makes tons of video games soundtracks. This reincarnation was I believe his foray into the secular industry as was using the Brainchild moniker when it was released as the disc titled Mindwarp on R.E.X. Records & re-released recently. I am pretty sure most know of Scott’s perfectionism & you can follow his remasters of his first S/T album on his Bandcamp page.  Also be sure to check out the Telltale Crime video & remix & also Deviate which found its way onto TV. 

Blackball is the reincarnation of Precious Death which was a funk alternative grunge band that had a decent following back in the 90’s. Their first LP 1996’s Blackball is the reincarnation of Precious Death which was a funk alternative grunge band that had a decent following back in the 90’s. Their first LP 1996’s Super Heavy Dreamscape was a very appropriate name for the album as was a lot heavier in tone than their follow-up. Vocalist Chris Scott has a very distinct voice that seemed to crossover from grunge to funk very easily. Hope you like this song as it remains one of my faves to this day. And happy birthday to my sister who is an outstanding wedding photographer!

Wage War is a newer band in my collection. Disclaimer-They seem to be a quasi-Christian band as has had not too much recognition in the Christian market, but I have seen their videos that hint at the subject. Other bands that fall in the quasi category are Memphis May Fire, The Devil Wears Prada, Gideon, etc… Anyways, this song is so darn catchy & just happens to be one I can relate to. Just know that in Jesus, anyone can change if they let the Holy Sprit lead. I am pretty sure most have known someone who seemed to be beyond reach, but Jesus has touched their heart & we can see the change found only in giving the issue(s) to HIm.

Fireflight is one of the bands that each cd they have come out out with, there is always one that stands out the most to me. Dawn Michell’s voice is just so Today’s SOTD is just that coming from 2009’s For Those Who Wait. Also, check out the original version of Serenity The Call, You Decide, Stay Close, We Are Alive. I have not heard much of their latest so I will be checking it out soon. This song is literally the one on my Facebook page it is so good. Check out the lyrics & the video which gives a deeper look into the band’s meaning behind the song.

The Call – I never did listen to this band when they were around, but caught up to them much later sad to say. This song has an awesome groove & is basically a worship song as shown by the lyrics below. The band got some mainstream success ban in the day when their song I Still Believe (which was also covered by Russ Taff) was in the vampire movie The Lost Boys Listed also is a live version just because 80s live videos are always a treat!

Dimestore Prophets – I remember seeing this band in Missouri I believe back in 1994 era.  The band signed my t-shirt which was the Love Is Against The Grain cd cover. The band released a few songs on Christian modern rock radio back in the 90’s, but today’s SOTD stood out for obvious reasons.

These 5 Down was an amazing nu-metal band that sounded akin to Korn. Their first cd was played so many times when I was stationed in the military. I even ran into a guy one time wearing the band’s t-shirt & we have been friends ever since. For like 20 some years now. The band members have stories to on their coming to Jesus so be sure to do a search on it sometime. This song Hymn was chosen simply because of its music & lyrical content as “All in the name of Jesus I bind you up” you don’t find everyday. Close contenders was Low(which has a video on it) & Forgiveness from their 2nd LP. And here’s to waiting in anticipation for a full length that was teased by the Second Coming single a year or so ago.

Vengeance Rising – Today’s SOTD recollects a simpler time when the Christian metal industry were not overrun with way to many artists to find the time to listen to. I think I bought Released Upon The Earth & Tourniquet’s Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance & Galactic Cowboys’ Space In Your Face the same day at a used record store in my hometown. I have heard of the band’s breakup & all the stories about Roger Martinez & I was one of the one whom he contacted with his play script that he wrote that was very unchristian, but this SOTD lyrics read like a worship song which is what we need to hear.

Secret & Whisper – Formed from the ashes of another Canadian band, Stutterfly, this band released 2 LPs that anyone who is into modern rock should own. Point blank. This band separates itself from the myriad of a modern rock band due its guitar tones & vocalist Charles Finn vocal stylings. Every single song they have done I like so don’t miss this way too short-lived band.

Between Thieves – A rock song about baptism is what this SOTD is referencing. And you can’t go wrong with that. Between Thieves were on the same record label as Common Children. It was hard to choose between this one & Kindle so hope you like this one.

Love Coma – Chris Taylor is a mainstay in the music industry. He started off on vocals for this band that also consisted of Matt Slocum who would go on to work with Sixpence None The Richer. Texan Love Coma was indeed an alternative rock band when the term meant something. They released 2 LPs (Soul Rash & Language Of Fools) in the 90s before Chris went solo. They ended up releasing another back last year in 2020, but I did not see much recognition from the release. If you like this song check out my other faves Heart Wide Open & Entertainment Tonight. Sorry about the grainy music video.

X-Sinner This is one of my favorite rock songs of the 80s. X-Sinner’s sound was akin to ACDC or Def Leppard soundalike, but that doesn’t mean they were a clone of either mainstream band. They had an area rock sound w/ a blues twist. Check out others by them that are a must have for any classic Christian rock playlist: Medicine, Walking Evil, Don’t Go, Lift Him Up or Accountable. TBH I did not care much for their later stuff after their first 2 LPs. To me this somber SOTD hits with a punch & probably always will.

Number One Gun California’s Number One Gun started as a full band, but over the years became a solo project for vocalist Jeff Schneeweis. I remember their songs On & On & You Fail Sometimes back in the day & knew this was good music. Bands like Anberlin & Project 86 ruled the Christian “radio” waves back then. Jeff also does some catchy solo stuff so check him out. This song is so darn catchy & reminds me of a yearning to get back right. Also added a live version.

Fever Fever Catchy indie rock is what this band is all about and they hail from Columbus, Ohio which is the home of many amazing artists.. Another great one from them is Hypnotized which has a music video so be sure to check it out. They haven’t released anything since 2014 , but their website is still up & running. Here’s to hearing new stuff from this band.

Last Day Rising is an actual rock band from LA whose 4 band members released one S/T EP back in 2015. This SOTD is very catchy & IU had the chance to communicate with one of the band members on social media right when this song was released. The lyrics below remind me of a person’s desperate cry to God for help to change from sin & their need for YHWH’s help. Very encouraging at least to me.