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Disclaimer: All artists in airplay on this station have found their music in “Christian” radio rotation at some point.  Many artists have turned away from the “Christian’ music industry” to become “mainstream”. These playlists (updated twice per month) are listed alphabetically and NOT by high to low rotation. They are just the latest “charted” songs.  If you are an artist & want your music played in rotation, contact via email at

This genre section contains what is mostly called “Recurrents”. Songs from back in the day that have been remastered & artists that were around back in the day that still continue releasing new music.

What Was In That Letter77sSeventy Sevens (Deluxe)
Your Line Is BusyAdam AgainIn a New World of Time
Ease Your Burden (The Rolliing Stones)ApologetiXEase Your Burden / Everyone’s a Sinner
Everybody Can Come to Christ (Wang Chung)ApologetiXEverybody Can Come to Christ / Every Day About You
Everyone’s a Sinner (Hot Chocolate)ApologetiXEase Your Burden / Everyone’s a Sinner
Time MachineJohn ElefanteThe Amazing Grace
Righteous Rock And RollNancy HoneytreeMaranatha Marathon
Jungle MusicServantWorld Of Sand
Heaven (Cover)The ChoirHeaven

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