Retro (Recurrents) Chart

Galilee (The Man with the Withered Hand (Steve Winwood))ApologetiXCome See, Come Saw
Galilee (The Land of the Risen Man) (The Monkees)ApologetiXCome See, Come Saw
Human RaceArmor Of GodHuman Race
Rat RaceGale ForceSubhuman
Unknown TimeGuardian AngelFire From Heaven
WarriorsSeventh WonderWarriors
Fly in the OintmentThe ReconciledSkin & Bones
We Are the BrokenThe Union of Sinners and SaintsWe Are the Broken
The Edge Of SadnessTHEE FINAL CHAPTRESo Let It Be Done
The AlmightyWe Are ResoluteThe Almighty

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