Modern Rock Chart

Bleeding Through3 Days UnderBleeding Through
Heavy SurfAndrew StantonEntrance Music
GraveyardsAwakenMonsters & Machines
Watching YouBe Not AfraidWatching You [Single]
KillerBeach ChapelKiller [Single]
Conform MeBen S DixonConform Me
O YaColony HouseO Ya
Wise (Tamed Sessions)DensWise [Tamed Sessions Single]
Every EyeDevin WilliamsEvery Eye [Single]
GuadalajaraEthan LuckGuadalajara (Single)
Better Without YouEvanescenceThe Bitter Truth
SatelliteEverything In Slow MotionInfluence
Old WoundsFight The FadeOld Wounds – Single
Bury The DeadFireflightWho We Are: The Head And The Heart
SorryFlatfoot 56Sorry [Single]
ApartFoxhallApart [Single]
You Suck at Life and It’s Your FaultI Am SpartacusTrigger Happy
10,000 MessiahsKilldevil Theory10,000 Messiahs [Single]
Of A GirlLarst Years’s ModelOf A Girl [Single]
Cut & RunLifehouseCut & Run [Single]
WarriorManafestWarrior [Single ]
Empire On Fire (feat. Matt Baird)Names Without NumbersEmpire On Fire (feat. Matt Baird)
UnspeakableOcean DarkHope & Chaos
Hollow Man (Feat. Olli Helenius)OneMustFallHollow Man
Sentenced To LifeReclaim The DaySentenced To Life [Single]
Breaking FreeRed Letter RisingBreaking Free
Reign of TerrorRelentless FloodReign of Terror
ExhaleSunset RoulettExhale
Safer In The ShadowsThe August GunsSafer In The Shadows [Single]
World Gone MadThe FoldWorld Gone Mad [Single]
Constellation (Reimagined)The Juliana TheoryA Dream Away
Hates DoorThe Midnight WeddingAnthem for the Outcast
StrongerUNSECRET & ManafestStronger [Single]
Dark Of The MorningUnwed SailorDark Of The Morning [Single]
Jumpsuit (Twenty One Pilots)WordsJumpsuit [Single]
Sing, Sing AgainYours For MineYours For Mine: How Dark the Night