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Disclaimer: All artists in airplay on this station have found their music in “Christian” radio rotation at some point.  Many artists have turned away from the “Christian’ music industry” to become “mainstream”. These playlists (updated twice per month) are listed alphabetically and NOT by high to low rotation. They are just the latest “charted” songs.  If you are an artist & want your music played in rotation, contact via email at

Fine (feat. Zach Paradis)AvilaFine (feat. Zach Paradis)
ON & OFF DA COURTCYclone & Positive SocietyON & OFF DA COURT
Red RideEagle Owl feat. Koffee KFireflies
Mess It UpGio.Mess It Up
God, Turn It Around (Feat. Matt Maher) (Live)Jon ReddickGod, Turn It Around [Single]
The Best of MeJulius AdamsThe Best of Me
MisunderstoodKamando Ft. K-DramaMisunderstood
OverthinkingKelly FloresOverthinking
still standingkj52Still Standing
HeavenLawrence JamalHold On Pain Ends
ShoesOne Luke, Som1Shoes
Young & Reckless (Y&R)Reece Lache’Young & Reckless
Center StageSean BECenter Stage
Cut My StringsStefanotto, DatinCut My Strings
UpTauren WellsJoy In The Morning
Just WonderingV. RoseWilder Wonderland
My SpaceWHATUPRGMy Space
Runnin’ Wit GodYBRunnin’ Wit God

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